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Take a look at what a few of his players have to say. From weekend golfers to Tour Pro.


‘Chris gets really focused on what you want to get out of him as a coach. In my case I just wanted to shoot lower scores (who doesn’t) and I didn’t have any set idea of what needed to be worked on to make progress.We started with a playing lesson which allowed chris to see what was happening with my swing on course but more importantly how I was thinking/planning my way around. The initial session allowed us to come up with a plan to go forward with; some technical and mental areas. Chris uses Trackman on the range when he thinks it will help but he is keener to engage with the player on course or on the chipping green – as he says ‘the closer we can make our practise to real play the quicker progress is made’. I have had lessons with quite a few golf pros in the past and I did not really make any progress despite trying hard to work on their advice. I can’t speak highly enough of chris, he won’t just give you the same old half hour lesson, take your money and leave you to it. He has really helped me get more out of my original game and is also working to improve my technique from chipping, pitching through to iron shots and driver. The outcome is that my greens hit has improved from 30% to 50% and I have gone from a scoring average of 84 to my last 4 rounds being 77,74,74,77 and still lots of areas to improve. I can’t wait for the new season. Alan Matchett.

‘I can’t thank Chris enough for all he has done for me. I met Chris back in May 2009. I didn’t really know much about the golf swing and just stuck to my own knowledge. With Chris’ help, I managed to gain a scholarship to Wichita State University and win the prestigious Ulster Boys Championship. The technology used by Chris in his lessons gives you instant feedback on all aspects of the golf swing and ball flight. In no time he identifies problems that needed attention in my golf swing. Chris’ golfing knowledge is extensive and coaching methods are very straightforward and easy to understand. I would not have achieved what I did without Chris’ help. I would highly recommend Chris for any golfer wanting to seriously improve their game. Timmy Jordan.

‘ I hadn’t played golf for nearly 20 years and decided to go to chris for a few lessons when I took the game up again. What I liked about chris was that he kept things simple, talking me through key ideas and focusing on one or two things at a time. It meant that after a lesson I went away with something to practise at home. The next lesson built on that, adding another element and so on, until I had a good grasp of what I was trying to achieve overall. Whether it’s through video analysis or just jotting down a few words, chris will help you pin down the key thoughts you need to keep your swing on track and avoid your problem areas. Over the years I have always gone back to chris to for a few more lessons to try to sharpen up specific areas such as chipping and pitching and it’s always the same approach – focus on one or two things which will make the difference and that you can go back to time and time again. I have always found chris to be a coach who works with you and helps you leave the lesson feeling better about your game and optimistic that you can
improve and enjoy your golf that little bit more’. David Burnett.

“I began working with Chris in 2014 and cannot speak highly enough about his knowledge and expertise. He is continuously learning and striving to improve his skills. I have gone from strength to strength since beginning with him, improving swing mechanics, distance control, wedge game and over all swing efficiency which has resulted in my stroke average dropping over 2 shots since working together. I am looking forward to our continued progress.” Neil O’Briain, European Tour

 “I would say from the start when I met Chris into 2015 he’s changed almost everything about my game, but for the better. Chris is a great coach, he would always do the necessary things to make a change work, whether it be from spending extra time explaining it or working up drills in order to get the feeling of the change. Chris is probably the first coach I’ve met that would take the time in lessons to explain how a change could impact future golf, whether it be tournament play or general play he always shows the benefits, which for the best part act as a motivator to really put the time in and do the best you can with what he has said to do. I think if i hadn’t met Chris i wouldn’t be half the golfer i am now, the improvements made from day 1 to the present definitely speak volumes of just how great of a coach he is”. Nathan McCann