Chris Jelly is one of the most sought after golf coaches in Ireland with a wealth of experience and a repertoire of knowledge who gets fantastic results.


Based at Laganview Golf Centre between Lisburn and Belfast and convenient to the MI. 

Chris embarked on his coaching career in 2009 and since then has built up a wealth of experience from the European Tours, Boys and Girls Internationals and with Irish teams competing in European Championships.

He has observed and sought the opinions of the best coaches in the word such as Claude Harmon III (coach to Dustin Johnston and Brooks Koepka) Chuck Cook, Andrew Rice, Martin Chuck (Tour Striker), Dana Dalquist and Scott Crowx.

Chris has built up an impressive repertoire of knowledge and has always sought out ways of accelerating his students’ improvements. He was one of the first coaches in Ireland to use and is now an acknowledged  Trackman expert.

Most importantly he has helped those who he has coached get fantastic results, whether it is winning championships, getting handicaps reduced, adding speed and distance in one session or players just starting the game.

Want the best results?

The best results come from those players who set up regular month by month coaching.

This can be either

  • a coaching programme – one, two or three sessions per month
  • simply regular contact for coaching, practice plans and on course routines

A small commitment of one hour month can have a massive impact on your golf and see you playing to your potential.

Of course a plan is not for everyone and Chris caters for this by offering individual lessons and they can be purchased individually or in a bundle of 6.