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      What you can expect from Remote Coaching?

      This is something new we have introduced to our academy in 2020. Many players who want our help to improve their game but its simply not viable to get to one of our facilities. This is where we want to help you game with out the worry of a long travel for a golf lesson.

      We now conduct sessions over zoom (Sam Allister recording), FaceTime (tara Laverty Example) and Also V1 (Darcy Hogg example).

      With the Zoom and facetime calls you do need a good wifi connection and 4G is normally good enough.

      The calls can include anything from a lesson in your net to a chat about your game and how we can help you understand your game better whether its through stats or talking about how you manage you game on the course. During the coronavirus outbreak this is how we where able to keep in contact with our players and it was extremely valuable for both the players and the coaches. A great way to keep in contact with your coach without having to make the round trip to our facilities.

      The V1 app is the app we use for our swing analysis. You need to download the app and add chrisjellygolf as your academy (put link to v1 app here). From here simply take a video (in normal speed not slow motion)  of your swing from a face on angle (picture example) and also down the line (picture example). Simply email us through the app and we will have your review done and sent back within 24-48 hours. Your swing can only be analysed through the V1 app, as there are so many avenues and apps that are available we use V1 for continuity.


      Duration of calls :  30 minutes or 1 Video of your swing from both angles

      Price :

      1 for £19

      3 for £49

      10 for £139