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      Junior Development Plan for chrisjelly golf to be delivered at schools/Castlereagh Hills and Aberdelghy GC.


      Schools Introduction Programme (white band)


      This is to be delivered into schools under the 2 hours they receive at no charge to the school and funded by Lisburn and Castlereagh Council.


      This will be based on kids first introduction to golf and will be all game and skills based/ there will be minimal technical instruction and will be based on the kids having fun and enjoyment. This is likely going to be their first experience of golf. The equipment used at all times will be the short golf equipment with different sized cubs to fit the golfer and different Velcro targets that the players can hit to.


      Week 1



      Trying to hit the ‘grabba’ from 3 ft/6ft and 12ft

      Players will be put into teams and the team with the highest score wins


      All kids to understand what colour club fits them


      Week 2




      Using the tee to hit over the ‘grabba’


      If it goes over 1point awarded and if not zero points


      To be played in teams  


      All kids to understand the difference between ‘putter’ and ‘launcher’


      Duration 1 hour


      Breakdown –


      5 minute set up


      10 minutes fms – throwing a ball and catching a ball in one to one for mat or in a circle throwing to different players or a skill at coach’s discretion.


      5 minutes on safety (where to stand, only hit on coaches command)

      5 minutes – explanation demonstration of skill and a brief into how club works


      20 minutes – players involvement in skills game


      5 minutes – fms

      10 minute gather up all equipment with players help to leave hall and golf bag tidy.

      Schools 5 week Coaching Plan


      Format –


      5 minute set up

      10 minute warm up FMS and safety reminder

      10 minute demo and technical instruction

      20 minute players on task

      10 minute FMS (run to parts of course)

      5 minute down tools and pack up



      Week 1 –






      – lead hand above trail hand

      • hands linked or as close to each other as possible trail thumb covering lead thumb
      • hold club softly


      Game – hitting grabba and best score for 3 shots counts



      Week 2 –




      Face aim and centre strike


      The importance of this especially face aim – Where the face aims the ball will go


      Game – only scores in middle section of grabba gets one point – in  your team the one with the most points wins


      Week 3


      Set up with launcher


      Shoulder width apart/flex knees, back straight


      Game – chipping into ‘gotcha’ – total amount for your team – highest wins



      Week 4 –


      Full shots – recap on grip and set up.


      In hitting circles – keep balance in those and a full turn hips and chest to target balancing on lead foot until ball lands


      Game – in teams who ever hits it furthest on first bounce gets a point


      Week 5 –


      Set up a ‘mini course’ with the help of the players – whatever the amount of groups use that many holes and play for allotted time. Scramble format.



      Once completed they player earns their first band!