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      Junior Coaching

      At Chris Jelly Golf we have a passion for getting more young players into the game of golf. Not only this, but we strive to help the junior gofers of today become the best players they can be. We have a Junior coaching Pathway  from our coaching in schools programme right up to our competition ready players.

      Through our own programme and also the coaching provided through the Lisburn and Castlereagh City Councils Vitality membership there is junior coaching available 40 weeks of the year.

      Our junior pathway starts with the introduction to golf in schools. This schools programme is available to all primary schools In the Lisburn and Castlereagh Borough so if we are not in your local school yet please let them know of this service (2 hours free coaching). If you cannot avail of the junior schools coaching we also offer junior golf camps at both courses. They are an introduction to the game and are normally over school holiday periods (Easter and summer).

      To check out dates and times click here. All junior camps are priced at £45.

      After this we hope that the golfers enjoy schools programme so much they want to come out to the golf clubs (either Castlereagh Hills or Aberdelgy) to continue their golfing journey. We have developed with our coaches a pathway from level 1 to level 6. When the golfer completes a level they move onto the next and cannot skip level as in golf like all sports you cannot skip to the top. Not only this we feel that with a pathway and direction the junior golfers will get a great sense of satisfaction and achievement when they progress.

      If you simply want to let your child try golf for the first time or at the very beginning of their potential but you don’t feel committing to the junior pathway is just needed yet we other junior golf camps. These will take place at either Castlereagh Hills or Aberdelgy mainly and the majority will be over the Easter and Summer breaks. They are usually over 3 days and 3 hours per day. The coaching is based using our ‘short Golf’ equipment. (Paddy video showcasing the short golf equipment) and the days will consist of coaching through games for understanding and Fundamental Movement skills. Take a look at our schools coaching programme (Click here) as this will be the coaching template developed by us that we will be using.

       Our aim as mentioned is to increase participation in golf but also to help the golfers become the best they can be hopefully going on to gain membership of the club, play on club teams, gain provincial honours, gain international honours and maybe even go on to play golf for a living on the European or PGA Tour which would be our ultimate vision at Chris Jelly Golf.