It makes no difference to me how good a player you are.

What interests me is how good a player you want to be.

The biggest mistake I see amongst golfers is a tendency to over complicate a game that when played at the highest level is more simple than most people would have us believe.

Irish Girls Team – 2016 Home International Champions

Chris is coach to the Ireland Girls’ Golf Team and the Ulster Boys’ Panel. He has numerous individual clients from beginners to Tour Professionals; juniors to (very) senior. It makes no difference to Chris how good a player you are, what interests him, is how he can get you playing to your best and constantly getting better.

” I think if I hadn’t of met Chris I wouldn’t be half the golfer I am now, the improvements made from day 1 to the present definitely speak volumes of how great a coach he is.”
David Burnett

Chris, like a growing number of golf professionals, was quick to recognise the value of launch monitor technology.

He is the only coach in Northern Ireland to have the latest Trackman 4 launch monitor together with video analysis.

He has just added the latest Trackman putting module to help him perfect your putting stroke.

“Chris has a fantastic knowledge of Trackman and he really helped me in understanding my golf swing and it’s relationship to ball flight.” Olivia Mehaffey.

I’m only starting out. Do you offer lessons for beginners?

We are all beginners at some point so it is really not important to me if you are a beginner or a professional. It is about making you the best golfer you can be, no matter which level you play at.


Chris is a massive advocate of Continuous Personal Development and has the highest PGA points ranking of any Professional in Northern Ireland.

Chris is one of an elite bunch of coaches with a PGA Level 3 Coaching qualification.

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