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      How do I redeem a voucher?

      Simply contact Chris directly either by email chris@chrisjellygolf.com or phone 07703724424

      How many lessons do I need?

      This depends but no matter what level you are currently at it will take more than one. Simply put golfing is like anything else we want to learn. Take the gym for example if we take 1 personal training session we will learn about what we need to do but applying all from our first session may be difficult, if we take 6-10 personal training sessions we will definitely see an improvement and if we are really serious about getting fit or even competition for or in this sense getting better at golf we may need a bespoke coaching programme for our needs. In short to see a noticeable improvement in your golf most golfers will need between 3-6 sessions. In short you will see an improvement in one lesson but how sustainable it is, is questionable.