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      Chris PGA Continuous Professional Development

      Date AchievedCPD ItemCPD PointsStatus
      06/02/2017PGA CPD Event Attendance: Boost your coaching income, build the programme they can’t resist25Approved
      01/11/2016PGA CPD Event Attendance: How to use the Ground – Force Pressure, COM and COP25Approved
      12/10/2016Yearly Membership Points9Approved
      31/05/2016PGA CPD Event Attendance: The Stack and Tilt Golf Swing – Redefining Golf Fundamentals25Approved
      18/04/2016PGA CPD Event Attendance: Meeting of the Minds25Approved
      07/03/2016Advanced Certificate in Golf Coaching (UoB)100Approved
      23/02/2016PGA CPD Event Attendance: Putting Biomechanics25Approved
      10/02/2016PGA CPD Event Attendance: Postural Breakdown and their Influence on Swing Biomechanics25Approved
      19/01/2016PGA CPD Event Attendance: Leadbetter’s Lessons – Teaching & Coaching25Approved
      13/01/2016PGA CPD Event Attendance: Combining science and “street-smarts” to develop a successful coaching business25Approved
      02/12/2015PGA CPD Event Attendance: Teaching Games for Understanding & Coaching the Recreational Golfer25Approved
      21/10/2015ILGU Coaches Workshop25Approved
      15/10/2015PGA CPD Event Attendance: Applying the Science of Ball Flight to Coaching15Approved
      18/05/2015Andrew Rice Seminar25Approved
      12/03/2015Level 3 Coaching Days 3 & 450Approved
      26/02/2015ILGU &-12 Programme Launch & Fundamental Movement Skills Workshop15Approved
      22/01/2015Level 3 Coaching Days 1 & 250Approved
      09/12/2014PGA Level 3 Coaching Certificate – Introductory Days50Approved
      21/10/20142014 ILGU Coaching Conference50Approved
      28/04/2014PGA CPD Event Attendance: Meeting of the Minds Seminar25Approved
      15/04/2014Karl Morris Workshop15Approved
      25/03/2014PGA CPD Event Attendance: D-Plane and Ball Flight Essentials25Approved
      05/02/2014Trackman University Workshop Level 125Approved
      06/12/2013PGA CPD Event Attendance: Long Term Development of Elite Junior Players25Approved
      21/11/2013PGA CPD Event Attendance: Bel13ve ( Previously The Brand You)25Approved
      26/09/2013JOLF – Coaching Children Workshop25Approved
      19/09/2013Trackman University50Approved
      20/05/2013PGA CPD Event Attendance: Meeting of the Minds25Approved
      21/03/2013National Breakfast Club Conference 201325Approved
      27/02/2013PGA CPD Event Attendance: Passion for the Short Game25Approved
      10/12/2012Junior Golf Coaching – Ian Stafford25Approved
      20/03/20125 Shots Lower Without Changing Your Swing15Approved
      08/03/201212 Month Marketing Plan for Coaches25Approved
      18/02/2012AimPoint Seminar15Approved
      28/09/2011NLG Seminar50Approved
      14/04/2011Biomechanics and Coaching Interface25Approved
      10/02/20112010 Qualifying Club Pro5Approved
      07/02/2011Callaway Product Training – Hilton Templepatrick15Approved
      04/03/2010East Region AGM25Approved
      07/02/2010JGI Girl In Golf Programme/Women in Golf20Approved
      12/04/2008The Mind Factor