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      Not sure which coach to pick?

      Chris – Chris’s expertise is in coaching players who are serious about improving their game and wishing to commit to a coaching programme. Chris’s clientele includes many players from mid handicap to international players to players playing for their living. He is a passionate coach, who loves coaching golfers who have the desire to commit to a coaching programme which may be 3-6 sessions or a monthly programme which both encourage  long term golfing development rather than a quick fix or golfing tips.

      Nathan – Nathan’s expertise is laid in coaching golfers who are new to the game or at the start of their golfing journeys or on a mission to get your handicaps down towards single figures. He loves to help potential players begin to understand how to make solid contact with the ball developing this in to skills with the driver, chipping and putting. Nathan is our junior development coach from ages of 5-12 whether it be individual lessons or in one of our junior camps at Aberdelghy GC – please contact Nathan 0755 4421157 for dates and times and we try to keep the website updated as best we can.